Emergency Management

Our Mission

Emergency Management uses an all hazards approach to mitigation, planning, response and recovery. Disasters can be natural or man-made, to which the response is similar; protect life, property and recover to where we were before the event took place.

This approach requires the public and private sectors to exchange information, coordinate, and cooperate completely to achieve the goals of preservation of live, protection of property and the restoration of our community. Modern technology contributes to these goals by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between all parties involved.

CodeRED Notifications

CodeRed OnSolve
The city of Paris uses CodeRED to provide information to our citizens that can be anything from missing children, to street closures, to important events taking place.  CodeRED is also utilized for immediate severe weather warnings.  If the National Weather Service places any portion of the city under a warning, that warning is automatically relayed to citizens who have registered with CodeRED. You can register by clicking here to fill out the very short informational form.