Appearance & Pleas

Appearing in Court

The law requires you to appear before the court on your citation within 10 days from the date citation is issued. You or your attorney may appear in person in open court, by mail, or you may deliver your written plea in person to the court. A telephone call does not constitute an appearance. If you are a juvenile, you must appear in open court with a parent or guardian.

Failure to comply with your written promise to appear in court, as made by signing the citation, constitutes a separate offense with which you may be charged and may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional cost.

Plea Options

You are required to enter one of the following three pleas in person before the Judge or in writing when appearing on your citation:

  • Nolo Contendere: A plea of nolo contendere means that you do not contest the charge against you. You will be found guilty and should be prepared to pay the fine.
  • Guilty: By a plea of guilty, you admit that the act is prohibited by law and that you committed the offense.
  • Not Guilty: A plea of not guilty means that you deny guilt and require the State to prove the charge. Your case will then be set for trial either before a jury or the court. For more information, view the trial procedures.