Birth & Death Records

City Registrar

The City Clerk's Office is the local registrar for births and deaths occurring in the City limits. This office also serves as a remote birth certificate printing location for the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, and can issue birth records for those persons who were born in the State of Texas from 1926 to present.

Texas Law Regarding Records

Birth and death records are confidential under Texas State Law and are only issued to qualified applicants. The registrant or an immediate family member are considered a qualified applicant to receive a certified copy of a vital record. Immediate family member (by blood or marriage) is defined as:

  • Registrant, mother or father (when listed on the record or court order) with a valid ID See list of acceptable identification here
  • Spouse, sibling, grandparent, (grandchildren are not qualified), guardian or legal representative with proof of relationship through a certified legal document and valid ID.

Obtaining a Certificate

Birth and death records for the City of Paris are available from 1916 to present. Certified copies of a vital record can be obtained in person at City Hall Annex or mailed in. You must be a qualified applicant and provide the required information and fees by clicking here. For walk-in applicants, we issue the certificate while you are in the office.

Mail Applications:                                 Walk-In Applications:
City Clerk's Office                                City Hall Annex
P.O. Box 9037                                      150 SE 1st ST
Paris, TX 75461-9037                          Paris, TX 75460