First Responder Organizations

About the Group

In cooperation with Paris EMS, many of the Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) and large production facilities have formed a First Responders Group to provide faster care to the citizens of Lamar County.

These first responders go through special medical training and respond to all emergencies in their response area. They are able to provide basic care on scenes and also assist the responding Paris EMS Paramedics in locating the call and treating the patient.

Listing of First Responder Organizations

  • Biardstown VFD
  • Blossom VFD
  • Brookston VFD
  • Campbell Soup First Responders
  • Chicota VFD
  • Cunningham VFD
  • Deport VFD
  • East Post Oak VFD
  • Faught VFD
  • Kimberly-Clark First Responders
  • Northwest First Responders
  • Novice VFD
  • Paris Fire Dept
  • Pattonville VFD
  • Powderly VFD
  • Reno VFD
  • Roxton VFD
  • Silgan First Responders