City of Paris, TX
City of Paris, TX

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Building and Platting Info
All property in the City of Paris City Limits and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) shall be platted prior to acquiring a building permit for any structure, except as allowed in section 17 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Check out our City of Paris Online Zoning Map here..

Preliminary Plat
If the property has never been platted, you must submit a preliminary plat to be approved before the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z).

Preliminary Plat Review form lists the plat requirements and a Preliminary Plat Submittal Checklist shows what must be submitted to the City of Paris.

The deadline for submitting any plat is 17 days before the first Monday of the month. A site plan and construction plans for the subdivision or development may be submitted with the preliminary plat to the Engineering, Planning & Development Department.

Development Plan Review
Development Plan Review form lists what is required for the civil site work (water lines, sewer lines, drainage, streets, and dirt work).

Civil site work may only begin after the preliminary plat has been approved by P&Z, and the site plans have been approved by the Engineering, Planning & Development Department.

All infrastructure that is to be dedicated to the City of Paris shall be constructed according to City standards and specifications.

Final Plat Review
After the civil site work has been completed, tested, and approved by the City, a final plat can be submitted to P&Z and City Council for approval.

Final Plat Review form lists the plat requirements and a Final Plat Submittal Checklist shows what must be submitted to the City of Paris.

A building permit will not be issued until the final plat is filed for record at the Lamar County Courthouse by the Engineering, Planning & Development Department, with the exception of Section XIII Guarantee of Construction in the Subdivision Regulations of the Code of Ordinances.

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