My poly cart has been vandalized or damaged. What do I do?

Please contact CARDS at 877-592-2737.

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1. When will CARDS begin trash pick-up in the City of Paris?
2. How many times a week will my trash be collected?
3. When is my pick-up day?
4. Where should I put my cart for pick-up?
5. What happens when there is a holiday?
6. Should I contact the City of Paris or CARDS if I have a question?
7. Will CARDS haul off my old trash can?
8. Why wasn't my cart or extra waste picked up?
9. By what time should the cart be at the curb?
10. Will CARDS return to my address if I forget to put my trash out on time?
11. How do I schedule an extra pick-up?
12. How do I set out bulky trash or brush?
13. How much does a bulky or brush pick-up cost?
14. My poly cart has been vandalized or damaged. What do I do?
15. How do I set up new service?
16. How do I request a hardship collection service for households with no one capable of moving the trash cart to the curb??
17. How do I order carts for newly constructed houses?
18. What if I'm moving, do I take my cart to my new address?
19. Can I order additional garbage collection carts?
20. Can I exchange my collection cart?
21. What if my garbage cart lid or body is broken? How do I get a replacement?
22. What if I miss garbage collection day?
23. Can I place items outside of the collection cart?
24. What items can I place in the cart?
25. How do I dispose of appliances?
26. What items will NOT be collected?
27. What size and how much can be set out for collection?
28. We are a retail store, church, or nonprofit agency. Will we receive a cart or dumpster, and how will we be billed?
29. What service assistance can be provided for citizens who cannot push a poly cart to the curb?
30. Will drop-off recycling still be available?
31. Will there be a charge or deposit for the cart?
32. Will the carts be marked with my address, or can I paint my address on the cart?
33. What should I do if my cart is damaged, lost, or stolen?
34. How do I dispose of leaves in the fall?
35. Will limbs and branches that fall during storms be picked up for free?
36. Does CARDS have a local office and phone number?
37. Can residents continue to take furniture and appliances to the Sanitation Solutions Dump Station on Evergreen Street?
38. Will CARDS host a hazardous waste drop-off day for city residents?
39. How do I dispose of unused paint?
40. What do I do if I can't lift my trash into my cart?
41. Can I set out trash bags or boxes rather than use my cart?
42. What is the difference between household trash and bulk trash?
43. How much is three cubic yards of bulk trash?
44. How do I find more information and the route map?