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Posted on: October 1, 2021

Mayor's Minute

Mayors Minute

Mayor's Minute
Recycling in Paris
December, 2021

Merry Christmas, Neighbors! 'Tis the· season for sharing, caring, and giving. This spirit of generosity permeates throughout our community, and from our smallest family-owned businesses to our largest industries, needs are met, especially at this time of year.

At the November 8 City Council meeting, I presented a Prodamation declaring Saturday,  November 27, as "Small Business Saturday" to the Downtown Merchants Association and to the Main Street Coordinator for the City. When we support these local businesses, they are able to give back to our city. Shop Paris first! The money stays here and the economic benefit helps make our community strong.

The opposite end of the business spectrum is also true where our larger industries contribute in ways too numerous to name. Besides employing hundreds of our residents, industry leaders want to be good corporate citizens. As I meet with these leaders throughout my duties as Mayor, I often hear, "What can we do for Paris?n After all, this is their home, too, and they want to generously support the many efforts to make Paris a better place to live.

Employees of all of our businesses in this city volunteer their time and talent in many facets of our daily life. It's not all monetary donations either, but service on boards and commissions, nonprofit agencies and organizations, ringing bells for Salvation Army, and many other forms of anonymous giving. In doing so, they exemplify the spirit of generosity!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Paris Neighbors!

Mayor's Minute
Recycling in Paris
October, 2021

Dear Neighbors: Did you know that the City of Paris offers free recycling to all residents? Before putting things out on the curb to go to the landfill, take a quick look to see what could go to the recycling center.

Recycling has been available to our citizens since January 4, 2016. During that time the program has taken several different forms, and unfortunately, hasn't been actively promoted. As part of the Mayor's beautification program, I think it is high time to share this valuable resource with all of you. 

Evidence shows that communities that take pride in their appearance are committed to recycling. Many of the items you normally dispose of in your trash are eligible to be recycled. Yes, it does involve separating those at your home, yet the benefits outweigh the gift of time that you contribute to this quality-of-life issue.

Here's how to deposit items at the center. Our system is easy and convenient.

STEP 1: Know what is accepted. Plastic items marked 1, 2, and 5; cardboard, including dry food boxes like cereal and cake mix boxes, all broken down; aluminum and metal cans; magazines, catalogues, phone books; junk mail; printer ink cartridges; Styrofoam (clean, please); newspaper and shredded paper. We DO NOT accept GLASS at this time.


STEP 2: Be sure to have your most recent City of Paris water bill and a valid Texas driver's license or ID. Recycling services are available to city residents only. No commercial recycling is accepted.

STEP 3: Take your recyclable items to 705 Field Street on Wednesday-Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm or 1:30 to 4:30 pm and on Saturday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

STEP 4: A city employee will check your ID and show you where to unload your recycling. The street has recently been improved to make it easier to reach the center, so give us a try.

STEP 5: Go home and enjoy getting rid of all that stuff without filling up the landfill.

Recycling is practical since any city resident can participate. It is also beneficial, saving the city tax dollars by reducing the cost to dispose of those items in the landfill. As your Mayor, I encourage you to join the growing number of citizens who have chosen to responsibly recycle. Try it. You might like it, and the trash bag you put on the curb will be much lighter!


Mayor's Minute
Economic Development in Paris
September, 2021 

I recently had an extensive tour of the new $120 million American Spiralweld (ASWP) plant. It is a very impressive facility that replaced an ugly eyesore that had been setting empty near our industrial park for years. Thanks to the efforts of the Paris Economic Development Corporation, City staff and Council, as well as the County Judge and Commissioners, this fine company was recruited to build in Paris.

During my tour, I heard some local names dropped about various contractors who were used in the construction of this 290,000 square foot building. That piqued my interest about how many local vendors were used, so I asked ASWP for a list of local contractors and businesses involved. As the general contractor, HWH subcontracted to Performance Electric, Blake Plumbing, Diamond C Plumbing and Utilities, and Bryan Fence Company. (That must be one of the longest fences in Paris!) Also used were Choice Pest Control, SimWick Construction, Reddell's Glass, JBM Painting, By George Landscape and Design, and Neely Landscaping to name a few.

American Spiralweld has now been in production during most of 2021, and they are continuing to use local vendors for their day-to-day operation. Some of these include Swaim Hardware, Advanced Alarm, Krogman Sand and Gravel, and Bell Concrete. Others include Elliot Electric Supply, Wholesale Electric Supply,  Cohn  &  Gregory,   Top  line  Hydraulic,  McQueen   Propane,   Paris  Oxygen,   and  Matheson. Additionally, Cunningham Steel, Airwaves Communications Inc., Paris Farm &Ranch Center, Paris Air Conditioning Co., and North Texas Fab.

All these businesses support other local businesses so that there is a big ripple effect for our entire community. These businesses are owned and operated by our "Paris Neighbors", employ our friends and family, and spend their profits right here in Paris, Texas. And that doesn't even include the almost 1DO jobs that ASWP is providing for our local residents. How is that for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT!

Mayor's Minute
Boil Water Notices
August, 2021

Hello, again, Paris Neighbors! Have you ever wondered why the City issues a boil water notice? The City of Paris and the members of the Utility Department Team, led by Director Doug Harris, are committed to delivering "Superior Quality" drinking water to every citizen, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. That is a huge job, and, sometimes, something happens that requires a boilwater notice as a precaution.

The necessity for these notices is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Strict rules dictate exactly what action must be taken and when the public must be notified to protect the health and safety of water consumers. Reasons for a boil water notice are low distribution pressure, a water outage, bacteria or other microbiological traces present, failure to maintain adequate chlorine residuals, elevated finished water turbidities, a water line break, heavy rains or an electrical failure.

When one of these notices is required, the TCEQ has specific guidelines regarding the notification. To comply with those rules, the City may use a reverse 911 call, a text message or email, as well as news media. After receiving this notice, customers should bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute and cool before using, or use bottled water.

 Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice from the City. During this time, the staff of the Utility Department are springing into action to notify citizens, correct the problem, perform tests which are sent to a lab in Sherman, and then notifying users when the boil notice is rescinded.

To ensure twenty-four-hour monitoring of our water supply, the City of Paris utilizes the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. SCADA is connected to our Water Treatment Plant, raw water intake, ground storage pump facility, and our elevated water storage tanks.

Licensed Surface Water Operators for the City have the ability to monitor, in real time, the operations of our facilities, and also make control adjustments via computer. When SCADA communication is disrupted, it requires Utilities Staff to inspect these remote locations to ensure they are operating as required, and if necessary, manually operate control of the facility.

As Mayor, and on behalf of our citizens, I want to give a big THANK YOU to every member of our Utility Team for our "Superior Quality" drinking water as rated by TCEQ. Director Harris and every member of his department are a shining example of the quality of dedicated professionals working to make Paris a better place to live.

Mayor's Minute
Beautification and Mayor's Yard of the Month
July, 2021

Hello, Paris Neighbors! As your new Mayor, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next year. The City Council and I are committed to sustaining economic development and promoting prosperity in Paris. That is Paris Pride!

A key aspect of economic development is beautification: showing our civic pride. When commercial, industrial, and retail outlets consider relocating to Paris, one of the things they focus on is community appearance. What is the "curb appeal" of businesses and residences in Paris?

To support beautification and Paris Pride, I am creating a Mayor's Yard of the Month award. Eligibility includes businesses, residences, and rehabbed properties in the city. Winners will be judged on overall appearance and neatness. Nominations may be made by anyone on the City of Paris website.

Recipients will be chosen from each quadrant of the city. Winners will receive a yard sign, a certificate at the City Council meeting on the second Monday of the month, and a $25 gift certificate from Keep Paris Beautiful.

Another aspect of Paris Pride is shopping local. We have a number of boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants throughout downtown and the city. Our Chamber of Commerce does a yeoman's job of supporting these businesses and Paris Pride! If you aren't currently a chamber member, consider joining.

The Visitors and Convention Council sponsors events such as the Tour de Paris. New this year was the Red Bull Pump Track Qualifying Race. For the Pump Track race alone, all hotel rooms in the city were booked. As I met visitors from all over Texas and at least ten other states, I heard over and over how warm and friendly Parisians are.

Now that's Paris Pride!

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