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Posted on: April 1, 2017

City Looking For Volunteers For Boards & Committees

The City of Paris is seeking citizens to volunteer to serve on all of its standing boards, commissions, and committees. The primary purpose of most of these committees is to advise the Paris City Council and city staff on issues that come before the committees; however, some of the committees also have decision-making authority. These committees are critical to the operation of the city and are also an excellent way for a citizen to gain in-depth knowledge of how the City works. There are many different committees covering a wide range of topics, from airport to zoning, the band to the library, and several more. Persons interested in serving on a board, commission, or committee must first complete an application indicating their interest and give a brief description of any special knowledge, education, or experience relevant to the committee they are interested in. Applications are available HERE at City Hall Annex, located at 150 1st Street S.E. At the current time, we are accepting applications for the following board vacancies:

This board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council regarding Cox Field, its airfield and business operations, facilities, long-range planning, and special events.  Must be a resident citizen of Lamar County.
THREE VACANCIES – each term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

This commission is responsible for the organization, discipline, membership, and duties of the members of the Municipal Band and the Leaders or Instructors thereof, and may regulate same by such rules or bylaws as they may deem it necessary to pass; provided, that no rule or bylaw or amendment of same shall be in force or effect until the same has been submitted to and approved by the City Council. Membership is reserved for a representative of the Visitors and Convention Council of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, one active member of the Band, and three members to be appointed at-large. Must be a resident citizen of the City of Paris.
TWO VACANCIES – term is 07-01-2017 - 06-30-2020 

The Board hears and decides appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official or fire code official relating to the application and interpretation of the technical provisions of the building, existing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, and fire codes for both residential and commercial construction.  The board shall not have the authority to waive or modify any of the code provisions as listed or adopted. Regular membership is reserved for one Texas Licensed Master Electrician with at least five years’ experience; one Texas Licensed Master Plumber with at least five years’ experience in the plumbing trade; one member shall be an engineer, architect or design professional in the City of Paris with five years’ experience; one general contractor in the City of Paris with at least five years of experience; one Texas Licensed Mechanical Contractor with at least five years of experience.  Each of the two alternates shall be of one of the professions listed above.  Members must be a resident, or own or operate businesses located within the City of Paris and shall not be employees of the City.
five regular members
two terms are 7/1/2017-6/30/2020;
two terms are 7/1/2017-6/30/2019
one term is 7/1/2017-2018

two alternates
one term is 7/1/2017-6/30/2020
one term is 7/1/2017-6/30/2018

This commission evaluates and declares structures dangerous or substandard and determines the remedy for having the structure comply with codes and ordinances. Members must be residents of the city and, as nearly as possible, represent each council district.
ONE VACANCY, unexpired term, which will expire 12-13-2017

This commission adopts rules and investigates matters related to enforcement of Civil Service regulations for firefighters and police officers, and hears appeals from disciplinary actions. Members must have good moral character, resident of the city for more than three years, be over 25 years of age, and not have held any public office within the preceding three years.
ONE VACANCY – unexpired term, which will expire 12-31-2017

This commission adopts rules and procedures; adopts identification criteria and rules for delineation of historic district boundaries; conducts and administers historic resource surveys; recommends designation of districts and landmarks; establishes committees as needed; produces and distributes minutes of meetings; develops public outreach/education/awareness programs; approves/disapproves certificates of appropriateness; provides design and other reasonable forms of advice to owners and tenants of historic properties in the certificate of appropriateness review process; recommends acquisition of endangered historic resources to the City Council; submits an annual report to City Council; prepares and promotes design guidelines for landmarks/districts. Membership is reserved for an architect, a member of a local Historical Society, a member of the Main Street Advisory Board; an owner of or resident or tenant in a landmark property or property in a Historic District; and three at large members.
one member is required to be a resident in the Historic District, 
one member is required to be in the Historical Society,
and one member is required to own property in the Historic District –
each term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

This board oversees the budget, maintenance, and policies of the Housing Authority of the City of Paris, which consists of several apartment communities as well as duplexes and houses in the city limits of Paris. Members must be residents of the city and cannot be officers or employees of the City of Paris. Additionally, one member is required to be a tenant of public housing and serves for only one term; four have two year staggered terms. Term Limits do not apply. These positions are selected by the mayor.
TWO VACANCIES – each term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2019.

This board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council to study and make recommendations concerning library services, maintenance, and capital improvement projects. Members must be residents of the city, have knowledge of library affairs and a strong interest in library operations, as well as exhibit a genuine appreciation of books.
FOUR VACANCIES - term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

This board advises the City Council and recommends Main Street program policies, goals and objectives. Also recommends guidelines for the refurbishing of buildings in the downtown area, recommends programs to bring patrons into the downtown area, and sponsors advertising for downtown events.
THREE VACANCIES - term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020 

This board administers 4A sales tax funds for the promotion and enhancement of job creation and retention and other economic development activities of the City of Paris through development of incentives and short-term and long-term planning.
TWO VACANCIES - term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

This board advises the Health Department Director on health matters and the operation of the Health Department. Members must be residents of Lamar County for a period of more than three years next preceding time of appointment and include three practicing physicians, one practicing dentist and three citizens.

This commission reviews the requests by property owners for changes in zoning inside the city limits of Paris and makes recommendations to City Council for the approval or disapproval of those requests. Members must be citizens of the City of Paris, taxpayers, and qualified voters.
THREE VACANCIES – each term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

This commission reviews requests for traffic control measures and proposes measures designed to minimize traffic safety problems resulting from vehicular traffic in Paris. Members must be residents of the city.
THREE VACANCIES – each term is 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2020

ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT This board hears zoning-related appeals by any person aggrieved or by an officer, department, or board of the municipality affected by the zoning decision of the administrative officer. Must be a resident of the city.
three terms are from 7-1-2017 – 6-30-2019
two terms are from 7-1-2017 – 6-30/2018.
Application for Boards
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