Downtown 90 Day Stop Sign Implementation

POSTPONEDThe city of Paris has postponed the traffic study until the signs arrive:

The City of Paris is pleased to announce, in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, a 90-day program to conduct an impact study by temporarily replacing the traffic signals with stop signs in and around the Paris Downtown Area. 

In 2018 the City Council adopted a downtown plan recommending the return of a one-way pair system to two-way traffic leading to and from the Downtown Square. This 90-day study is being implemented for the City and TXDOT to assess the ability to replace traffic signals with stop signs in and around the downtown. NO traffic patterns/directional changes will be put in place.

Following the 90-day study a report will be presented to the City's Traffic Commission  and City Council for a determination on how to best proceed with the complete two-way system implementation project.  For more information on the downtown revitalization plan and to complete a survey see links below or contact: Cheri Bedford  by email at or call 903-784-9293

See map of STOPS Required

2018 Comprehensive plan FINAL Adopted 10.8.18

Attachment A, Paris Texas Downtown Plan

Attachment B, Downtown Plan Toole Design Firm Visioning Plan