First Street SW Bicycle Lane Project Support

The City of Paris is applying for a TxDOT Transportation Alternative Set-Aside (TASA) Program grant for funding of an on-system bike lane project. The TASA program is an 80% grant with a 20% local match. The purpose of the program is to improve safety and mobility for non-motorized travelers by providing a direct connection between important community destinations such as historic downtown, parks, neighborhoods, library, and commercial/business districts. The grants are selected through a competitive process by TxDOT, and community support is important to the qualification and overall scoring of a project. 

The proposed project will provide five-foot, on-system bike lanes (north and southbound) along 1st Street SW, beginning at Hearne Avenue and continuing north to Kaufman Street. Furthermore, these proposed bike lanes will connect to the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) at Hearne Avenue, providing cyclists a safe route from the NETT to Historic Downtown Paris. 

If this project is something you are interested in, we would appreciate your support to include in our grant application packet, which is due June 5th. A letter of support can be emailed to or you can click on the link below to fill out and submit a support form.  


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TASA 1st SW Bicycle Lane Paris Project Location Map