2018 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City is preparing to update its comprehensive plan.  The draft documents are available online (linked below), and also at the City Hall Annex and the Public Library.  Residents are encouraged to review the plan and provide feedback before September 18th.  For questions or concerns, please contact Carla Easton at 903-784-9292.

DRAFT - Plan Documents

2018 Comprehensive Plan Update

Attachment A - Downtown Plan

Attachment B - Downtown Visioning Plan (Toole Design Group, available soon)

Attachment C - Parks Plan (adopted May 2018)

Attachment D - Future Land Use Legend Explanations 

Attachment E - 2018 Drainage Program

Attachment F - 2017 Street Bond Program

DRAFT - Map Updates

1.  Future Land Use Plan Markup

2.  Master Thoroughfare Plan

3.  Parks & Recreation Plan

4.  Trails & Linkage Plan