Historic Preservation

Fence Standard for HD-1Historic Preservation

The City Of Paris has a total of 17 Distinctive Historic Districts. Two are collective districts and include 1. Downtown Commercial Historic District est: June, 2003; 2. Church Street Historic District est: August,  2004.  There are 15 individual stand alone districts across the city.

See map of  historic districts

Paris City Council established the Historic Preservation Ordinance in June 2002  Its purpose was to:

(a) Protect and enhance the districts and landmarks which represent distinctive elements of Paris's historic, architectural, and cultural heritage;(b) Foster civic pride in accomplishments of the past;
(c) Protect and enhance Paris's attractiveness to visitors and the support and stimulus to the economy thereby provided;
(d) Insure the orderly, efficient, and appropriate growth and development of Paris;
(e) Promote economic stability and prosperity of the community by encouraging the most appropriate use of such significant property in Paris; and
(f) Stabilize and improve property values

The Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven (7) members and is comprised of an:

• Architect, planner or design professional
• Member of the Main Street Board
• Owner of or resident or tenant in a landmark property or property in a historic district
• Member of a local historical society
• Three at large members 

It is our goal here at the City of Paris to support and nurture all who live and work in the Historic District. Providing help and technical advice to individuals as they protect, preserve and promote their properties.  

Helpful Resources

National Parks Service Preservation Briefs these are guidelines on several topics and handy references for restoration or renovation.

Design Standards in Historic Districts (PDF) Adopted June 11, 2018, ordinance #2018-16

Addendum to Design Standards for Clarification. Adopted 6/11/2018 ordinance #2018-16
Windows; Fence Standard for HD-1; Treatment of Painted Masonry or Brick

Special Forms: