Records Section

Duties & Responsibilities

The Records Section manages the flow of reports and investigations throughout the department.

Most aspects of police work include some type of report. This unit is responsible for proof-reading, verifying, and storing all documentation as well as compiling Uniform Crime Reports, responding to requests for public information available through Open Records Request, and filing criminal records clearance letters.

Most all open record requests which only include a document is .10 cents a copy. By statute, vehicle crash reports are $6.00 per copy.

The Texas Administrative Code provides guidance on what governments can charge for copies of documents or data related to an open record request.  Please click on this link to see the statute and detailed costs.  

There are some situations in which a government entity can ask the Texas Attorney General for an exemption on release of information relating to certain documents. A criminal case that is under investigation that has not brought a suspect to trial would be one example.

Records Section Employee