Sanitation Division

Sanitation truck

On June 13, 2022, the City of Paris initiated a once-per-week collection schedule for residential customers.

The decision to reduce the number of trash pickup days was made due to difficulties recruiting and retaining solid waste workers. After nearly one year of increased recruitment efforts, offering employee retention incentives, and shifting employees from other departments to aid the Sanitation Division, the difficult decision was made to reduce collection days. On May 23, 2022, the Paris City Council voted to change collections from two days per week to one.

Sanitation crews will collect trash in roughly one-quarter of the city each day, Monday thru Thursday, based on this map. (click map to view larger image)

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In a memorandum from city staff, the City Council was provided with detailed background information and a survey of twelve east Texas cities of similar size or demographics to Paris. The memorandum to the city council can be viewed by clicking here. The City Council was presented the information at their May 23, 2022, regular meeting. The video of the presentation can be viewed by clicking this link.

The residential solid waste collection fee for Paris residents has not been increased since 2010 (12 years). According to the survey of twelve similar Texas cities, the monthly rate of $15.89 was below the average of $17.34 per month. Of the six cities with rates lower than Paris, only two others offered more than one pickup per week. After considering this information and the city staff's recommendation, the city council voted not to reduce the monthly fee for sanitation services as part of this change.

Anyone that needs assistance in determining the day for their weekly trash pickup may contact the Sanitation Division by calling 903-784-9266 during regular business hours.

Bulk pickup service will be available per existing policy on Fridays. More information about the bulk pickup service can be found by clicking here.